Mailbag 136

Dear Steve,

My Name is Joe and I’m writing this letter today to express the happiness I feel when I listen to your music.

Back when I was 15, when “Passion and Warfare” came onto the market, instrumental music was something new to me. The video for “The Audience is Listening” inspired me to run out and buy the tape. Since then I have been a Huge fan. Your music inspired me to start playing the guitar. Unfortunately I never really got to be any kind of a virtuoso like yourself. I played for about 4 years, and ended up pushing the guitar off into the wayside. I’m 25 now and am serving in the USAF, but yet the same fire I had 10 years ago to be able to play like yourself still exists deep down inside. Two questions are always embedded in my mind. Where do I begin the learning process and am I to old to be able to get to the level that you are presently playing at?

The first electric guitar I ever had was a B.C. Rich Warlock, then I moved to a Fender Strat. It wasn’t long till I realized what a good guitar was. So I went and traded them in for a Washburn KC-40V, and I eventually traded that later for a Washburn N-2.

Joe Howle

P.S. To me you will always be the String King