Mailbag 134

Hi, my name is Emi and I’m from Romania. Romania is a very poor country (our profit = $50 per month). I’m a bass player but this doesn’t really matter ’cause the music means all the instruments of the world played with something that I call spirit. Maybe you don’t believe me, but I do know how your way of thinking is. I mean the spiritualy way of life and a great sense of good. I don’t think you’re a musician; I think you’re a man who found the good way of living. Music is the comunication with the other and guitars (all kinds) are the words. Now, get me straight: I really don’t have any possibilities to buy a bass guitar. I’m not asking you to send me one, I’m asking you to remember this kind of people who has none of the possibilities to study music because they don’t have the instrument, to study their way to comunicate with the other people. Wish me luck in my searching for LIFE.

With respect, Emi