Mailbag 124

I just wanted to let you know that the stories of your teen years brought back some much needed innocence.

I took up the guitar at a late age (24) and I am now getting over the “I have to be able to play really fast” mode, and well on my way to feeling really comfortable playing what feels good (now at the age of 31).

I did want to ask you a question. What do you think separates the musician who makes it and the one who doesn’t? I love playing the guitar, but at my age I have too many responsibilities to chase that dream (job, mortgage, ect.). Having started at an age when such problems didn’t exist, do you think that helped make your path more clear? On the same note, I am sure you know people who started at an early age and are perhaps great guitarists, that didn’t make it. Of those people, did they have a good feel for the music or were they just technically good? Or is it just luck??

The only music of yours that I have heard is the David Lee Roth and “Crossroads” stuff, so I can’t suck up to you and say that I am a huge fan. I have however read a lot about you, and I am impressed with your intelligence and humility. I try very hard to stay away from the speedy guitar players, because I feel myself trying to emulate the speed while loosing the emotion.

Thank you and keep filling in that journal, it is very entertaining!

Troy Amburg