Mailbag 122

Dear Steve,

I once thought I saw a knot on a tree that was shaped like your head. Rather it was shaped like a profile of your face. Not your whole head. Anyway, your mouth was open so wide (rather the image of your mouth on the knot, not your real mouth) that I could have fit my whole left hand in had it been a real mouth. Not that you really would want to fit my whole left hand in you mouth. Now that I think about it, you probably wouldn’t want to fit my right hand in your mouth either. My feet are definitely out of the question. Anyway, your nose had a strange candy cane shape to it. The knot’s nose, that is. I swear if you had stuck your tongue out you could have licked your nose. I mean if the knot that vaguely resembled a profile of you face had stuck it’s tongue out…well if the knot had a tongue to stick out (it is a knot afterall), it could have licked it’s candy cane shaped nose if it had tried. Now that I think about it, it didn’t look like you at all. It looked more like Phyllis Diller. Do you happen to know her website location?

Iniquitously ambient,