Mailbag 107


I just wanted to write a thank you letter of sorts. I will have to start by telling you that when I was in high school I was a big fan of a lot of 80’s glam rock/pop bands. I thought they had the best musicans in the world. One day a guy in my shop class and I had a debate about how much talent they really had. He said “Gina, since you live on the way to my house I will drop you off at your house and we will listen to someone with some real talent”. I said “oh yeah and who is that?” He said “Steve Vai!” I said “whoever”. He played ‘Passion and Warfare’ and by the time I got out of his car (it was probably only 10 minutes later) I said “now where is it that I could get a STEVE VAI tape?” He just laughed and said “Gotcha hooked now” I said “yes you did” and bought ‘Passion and Warfare’ that night.

I do want to thank you for not only gracing us with your talent but also because of you I went on a search for more talented musicans and discovered Joe Satch, Eric Johnson, Steve Morse, Alan Holdsworth, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dixie Dregs, Brent Mason, Mark O’Conner, etc etc.

I also wear a Steve Vai shirt to every concert I go to and or even when I go to a night club with a band. I have been stopped many times by bands and had long conversations with their guitar players mainly about you and how great you are, we have actually became friends because they noticed I was wearing your t-shirt.

You have opened my eyes to all sorts of music I would have never even considered listening too if it hadn’t been for you. I have also made quite a few friends who pass through town from time to time and I just want to say thank you. It’s been a great experience being a fan of yours.

Love ya,