Mailbag 102

I would like to share my most precious moment with Steve and the rest of all you fans. On May 15 1998 at 2:35 am, my son Phoenix Vai Regan was born. Not only was he named after Mr. Vai but he was born to the song “For The Love Of God”. My girlfriend and I ended up going to the hospital that morning due to her blood pressure being so high and Phoenix’s the same, so they induced labor. Phoenix was not due till Mr. Vai’s Birthday, June 6 and we were so excited because Steve has been a big influence in our lives. When Phoenix was born he had jaundice really bad and had to be under heat lights for the first 3 weeks of his life, only to be taken out to feed him. Listening to “Passion and Warfare” helped Phoenix relax and helped my girlfriend and I relax and settle down and worry less, all night and day we listened to Steve and his music, without him I would have gone nuts.

I had just recently introduced Steve Vai to my girlfriend in October and she loves him, I myself have been listening to him for 12 years or so. He is why I became a guitarist and am doing very well with my own record label. If I ever had the chance to meet Mr. Vai I would thank him for making this world a better place, he may not think it, but his music makes miracles happen. I can feel everything when he plays. My girlfriend feels the same, and when I pop in one of Mr. Vai’s cd’s Phoenix either gets all excited or it puts him to sleep, especially when “For the Love of God” is playing. Phoenix is only 8 months old but he already has the feel for the guitar, drums and keyboards. I only hope someday he will be as great as Steve Vai. A father can only wish that upon his most precious gift. Thank you Steve for all you have given all of us, forever you will have friends.

C.C. Regan, October Larson & Phoenix Vai Regan