June 01, 2004

Hey folks,

I had the life chance honor of throwing down a few solos on the new Motörhead CD “Inferno” at the request of the Chosen One himself, Lemmy.

I’m always asked in interviews “who would you like to work with?” If you scan some of my older interviews you will find my answer to that question on many occasions to be Motörhead, so you can imagine what a thrill it was for me.

There are so few true men of Rock Royalty. Those who have no choice but to be real because they are authentic from head to foot, heart and soul and that is why Lemmy is a diamond amongst the placid zircon ocean of metal.

If the inhabitants of Earth ever wrote a historical musical Bible, heading the chapter on metal rock should be a sole photo of Lemmy.

In the left photo is a shot of Lemmy playing a Euphoria guitar that I gave him, and the other image is of a unique gift he honored me with.

It will be my treasure.

What a class act!