July 28, 2004:

As I write this I am slowly ascending above beautiful Australia and heading off to Singapore.

I’m looking out the window at the clean blue sky and slowly drifting clouds, through which I catch glimpses of the disappearing landscape below, very special. My mind is reflecting on the joy of playing those shows, looking out into the audience and seeing your smiling faces and feeling your energy. I am memorizing this vision and the emotion in me it creates. For the rest of my life it will always be my treasure.

Maybe feeling a little melancholy to be parting this extraordinary country.

I occasionally read on the concert reviews people using the phrase “there are no words to describe”, I echo that sentiment as I sit here to try and tell you how myself and the band feel about this trip to Australia this year and what your support means to us.

This tour was a success! You all made it that way and have made it possible for us to return.

We are all looking so forward to see you all again. Endless thanks to all of our new Aussie friends.

Hope to see you early 2006.