24 October, 2003

Where: Chicago, IL Riviera Theater

Just wanted to write and apologize for not writing more. Sometimes touring does not allow for time to oneself.
It’s virtually impossible for me to write down words that can adequately express my sheer joy in being on this tour. Possibly my favorite G3 experience.
Joe and I both agree that it was a great idea to have Yngwie out with us. He brings quite the spark of excitement. Besides his breathtaking technique and entertaining stage persona, he is genuinely fun to hang out with. He’s very funny and it’s a real hoot to just listen to him tell stories. Joe and I are both very happy with the way it is turning out and both feel that Yngwie has brought a different kind of energy to the show. He’s honest and authentic. It’s important to give him his space and let him do the thing that makes him the historical musician that he is.
Standing in-between both Yngwie and Joe is quite an interesting experience. Quite terrifying at times but I savor every moment. Opening up our communication muscle during the jam and watching what these guys come out with each night is truly inspirational to me. They are the elite of the elite and one can not help but to be inspired by being a part of their energy.
I feel as if we all offer different things and the truth is we are mostly concerned with making the G3 experience a thoroughly entertaining one for everybody, an experience that you can not find any place else and one that you can walk away feeling totally fulfilled. From what I’m reading it looks like we are achieving this goal, yay!
I never take for granted, not even for a moment how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to go out and play for all the folks that attend the shows. During the jam at the Concord show Joe and I hit on some elevated euphoric jamming moments. I am wordless in describing the sheer joy of those moments. After the show Joe came up to me and said “we are really lucky”. I could not agree with him more.
All your thoughts and words on the shows are important to us, the good and the not so good. It helps me to try and improve so keep it coming.
Thank you so much.