March 07, 2001

Where: Encino, CA

Today I worked on the live album as I have been doing for some time now. There is so much editing and it takes 6 hours to download one show to get one song but they are glorious. The other day I finished mixing the first song. After listening to it I aptly titled it “Giant Balls of Gold.” I love it so much it makes me dizzy.
Today I finished mixing a song that was written for Australia. It’s called “The Light of the Moon.” It’s a corny but sweet vocal song.
Yesterday was a meeting with NARAS. The subject of the Grammys came up and was discussed at length. The big topic was Steely Dan winning Best Album. My explanation was basically that there is a lot of psychology and nostalgia involved when people put their vote down. You look at a piece of paper and you see Eminem and U2 and Steely Dan etc. Most voters did not even hear the Steely Dan record but voted for it out of respect for the contribution that they’ve made in their life. It’s a tip of the hat, it seems, but is it really their best work? I think if nearly impossible to change the voters’ approach to their choices. Kind of odd voting on art, actually.
I will be working everyday for 18 hours in an attempt to finish the record and hand it in by April 2nd. There are reasons that I can’t explain right now but I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to hear when I can talk.
Oh, sorry I have not written much. By this time of the day I’m so tired I can’t even hear!
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