December 21, 2002

Where: Encino, CA

I would like to extend my sincerest best wishes to all of you for this Holiday season. The Holidays have a tendency to bring out the good will and compassion in man, and those actions bring about the feelings of joy and contentment, (Blessed Relief).
It is my belief (and some other people’s too) that God is free to all who choose to seek him. We all perceive things differently and find ourselves climbing the ladder of spiritual balance in our own ways. For this reason it is valuable to accept and support all those who may follow your own beliefs, and those who follow a path that has personal meaning for them and may be different than yours.
Many believe that there is one top to the mountain and that we are all on a path to that top. There are many who believe that God, in his immeasurable ways, has planted the seed of spiritual quest in all of us, and every action we do in life, whether it’s perceived as such or not, is a form of personal evolution to reach those lofty goals.
Some of the things we do in expressing this desire are truly extraordinary, but in the end it’s all part of the building blocks we need to evolve. There are simple and profound spiritual truths that ring similar at the basis of all religions. It seems unfortunate that some are eventually perverted by man’s ego to the point of greed, lust, megalomania and war – but going through those things to find God may very well be part of the plan too.
I leave you with this simple holiday sentiment:
Be compassionate and understanding of everyone’s different paths to God. They are all valid because they mean something to the individual and that in itself is the path to spiritual evolution, even if you don’t believe in God.
Peace and love and good happiness stuff
Now go play your guitar…. Loud!
Steve Vai