November 02, 2000

Where: Los Angeles, CA (back from Malaysian G3 Tour)

It isn’t every year that we get to play in Malaysia – this was actually a reunion of sorts for the original G3 line-up. On the second day of the festival (the Rhythm of Asia Festival), there were about 14 bands, and Eric Johnson, myself and Joe Satriani were to do our sets and then close the show together. Things always get behind at these things, and though I was scheduled to go on at 11pm we didn’t hit the stage until 3:30am. By the time Joe got on, it was 4:30am. Just as he got halfway through his third song, the police came and shut the show down. They said if we didn’t stop and leave immediately, we’d all get thrown into paddy wagons and go to Malaysian jail. Guess what? We stopped and left immediately.
SV set:
Ultra Zone / Erotic Nightmares / Tender Surrender /
I Would Love To / For the Love of God