November 29, 1986

Where: Phoenix, AZ (Veterans Memorial Coliseum)
Band: David Lee Roth

One of the very best shows of the tour. Wild wild audience. Played well.
Overslept. Felt dizzy before show, had a lot of energy. Big party, “Wheel Of Butthole” video. Those wild audiences really inspire. It’s like a drug in your veins. Pure adulation – more addictive than heroin. And maybe more dangerous to your soul when not digested with humility.
Don’t want to write sometimes. Seems like there’s nothing in the mind. Maybe it will be interesting someday, or maybe as boring as the color grey. Takin’ a snapshot of the day, hoping maturity don’t wash it away. Thoughts are moving way to fast for time to stop and the moment to last. I feel sorry sometimes for all us lost souls, trying to figure out how the world goes. Would love to have the power to just turn it off sometimes, maybe then I could go within and experience the profoundly sublime.