October 4, 1986

Where: New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
Band: David Lee Roth

Well, it happened in a big way.
Good show. Green guitar died. Great vibe from Madison Square Garden. My first concert was Led Zep at Madison Square Garden. When Jimmy Page came out on stage I fell to pieces. I couldn’t believe it was really him, he seemed like a myth up to that point. The man that shaped my life, and there he was. I was glued to the stage, even though my seat was the furthest and highest in the arena.
On stage tonight, I walked to the front of the ego ramp for my unaccompanied solo and played it to the little guy sitting up with the pigeons in the furthest highest seat in the arena. I played it for the guy who thought it could never be. I stood on that stage and poured every bit of what was inside me out. I laughed and wept all at the same time for me, that little boy, and for the creation. It was one of those rare karmic moments that are more of an awakening than an event.
How on earth did this happen? How is it that I’m worthy? Maybe someday we’ll understand all of this, but for right now…WHOOPEE BABY!!!