Japan Reviews

Here are some translated reviews of the Japanese shows.
They are pretty ‘amazingly’.


Steve Vai’s live was shocking for me.

I was surprised that there is  a man who plays guitar joyfully like that in

the world.


I went to Steve Vai’s concert.

The audience was really psyched

about his music than I expected.

It was an entertainment show rather

than a live concert. It could be a great

film if they recorded. It was so good

to see his show. It was worthwhile to




I enjoyed a lot his facial expressions with the music. It was not only a great music live but also a wonderful

entertainment show. And I was moved to tears when I met Steve aftershow.

He was so kind.


Steve Vai’s show was awesome

\\\٩( ‘ω’ )و ////

He is so cool. He is the greatest one

as an entertainer.


It was awesome! Most of his show

was instrumental music without singing. I cried at his guitar solo

after long time. I’ve never seen

such a guitar player who plays

affectionately so much.

His concert is within best 5 in my life.



Steve Vai is God. He played precisely,

besides talked to the audience with a good humor. (゚ ω ゚)


Thank you, Steve!  I was moved by his amazing guitar techniques, great ideas fascinate the audience and  attitude entertain people. However huge sound almost broke my ears. A wonderful show!!



I had so much fun(≧▽≦)


Steve Vai is awesome!\(^o^)/


Steve Vai’s show in Osaka is the greatest concert in my life.

It was my 3rd concert of his for me,everything was awesome this time!


Steve Vai’s live was so cool.

He played the songs from every album. I want to see his concert again.

He reproduced the sound of CD.


Time flies 2hours and half in wonderful show.Steve Vai is so great !


He had various device to entertain

his audience. I enjoyed it a lot.

He was skillful and eccentric in his

guitar play. For the Love of God was

soooo good, it almost melted me.


Steve Vai was so cool. He is something more than a guitar hero.

Bass player Philip was also so cool.

I was so happy to see their show.


Steve Vai’s show was sooo good.

He played many famous songs and

made plans for the concert not to

get tired of. First of all I was able to

listen to Whispering Prayer in a live

performance finally. So happy!


I finally saw Steve Vai in a live performance, it was a great day.

Other players were also wonderful.

The keyboard player is only 18 years



Awesome experience night! It was a day that my dream came true.

There were thrilling moments to listen

Steve Vai.


I went to Quatllo in Osaka.

It was my first time to see Steve Vai

concert, his guitar was living…(T ^ T)

I was able to see Philip after long time,

it was so good.


Steve Vai’s concert was really good.

His power of expression is wonderful.

He is the best one as a guitar player and a performer.


Steve Vai’s show was so great!

2hours half flew away. The show was filled with his good personality.

I enjoyed Build Me a Song with Audience.


Steve Vai’s concert was awesome!!

That was the very thing what we call

entertainment. It’s the first time for me

to see a guitar player changed his costume 5times in a show.

Of course his guitar play was most

awesome thing.


I went to Steve Vai’s concert.

It was enjoyable more than I expected.

I was greatly encouraged by his power of playing and entertainment!

I will take off my hat to Steve!!


Besides Jeremy’s drum playing was

so cool!!


I was so glad to see Whispering A Prayer and The Audience Is Listening

in live performance.


The excitement of Steve Vai’s concert

is still inside of me. His presence is a class by himself. When he is on the stage, there is a special aura.

I got a electricity on my back when he

began to play the guitar. I wander

where his aura comes from.


Steve Vai is God!


I am moved by Steve  Vai’s concert.

Words can’t express it enough.


I had thought that if I had the speaking guitar, I would have became Steve Vai.

But seeing his show, I realized that I had no skill to show guitar sound

from my face, I could not be Steve Vai.


Steve Vai is so great! I caught his eyes

about 10 times, if I were a girl, I was

perfectly captured. It’s a wonderful memory forever.


I was about to cry when he played

For the Love of God at last.


I was moved when I listen to For the

Love of God in live performance.


His way to throw a pic and movement

on the stage were good help for me.

 I got many air guitar hints. He is so attractive. The kids should not see such a man. Too sensuous!


Steve Vai was awesome. It’s the art.

He is on a different dimension.


After 2hours half show, I was absent –

minded. He completely captured me.

I was attracted by his own world,

and absorbed completely.

It was like the sound penetrated my body rather than flood of sound swept away me. Jeremy Colson was so cool.

I’ve never had such a strong experience. However I have backache.


I saw Steve Vai’s show. There was

God who lives in real life.


The show was too great to express

by words.  Power of a man who master something is just awesome,

I was moved so much. Just seeing his

show stimulated me, I was encouraged. Thank you so much for

the wonderful show, Mr. Steve Vai!


Steve Vai, too awesome…he is the top

of the world.


I saw Steve Vai’s show both in Osaka

and Tokyo. I was overwhelmed.(T-T)

I might not be able to see a concert

equal his shows in the future.


Steve Vai was awesome!

He sings with guitar rather than playing the guitar♪(*´∀`)


Steve Vai! Awesome! I admire that he has not only skillful guitar techniques, but also rich ideas of entertainment.


I saw Steve Vai in Tokyo. I was moved by the show which is the greatest entertainment show rather than a

concert. People who are not interested in guitar would enjoy his show (^o^)

I am going to his Yokohama show!


Build Me a Song is amazing. He picks up 2 fans from the audience

and make them rhythm and melody on

the stage. But the woman couldn’t make a melody, she said “I can’t”. Steve reproduced her words with perfect tune by his guitar and made it a song. His perfect pitch is in different dimension.


I saw Steve Vai in live performance for the first time. He was so wonderful.

When he picks the guitar, it’s Vai sound. His flowing and novel phrase is rich Vai sound. His monomaniac high precision can reproduce weird sound

as original sound. I took off my hat to him.


I saw Steve Vai’s concert.He is a guitar hero, illusionist. He can do anything. Finally I was able to see him

in live performance. The live performance is the best to enjoy music. I was able to learn a lot from a first class musician like him.


Today’s Steve Vai in Akasaka Blitz

was so great! He played 2 hours half

o(^o^)o I finally saw his play with electric clothes! Greaaaaat!


I saw Steve Vai at Akasaka Blitz.

His guitar play was awesome,

besides I was surprised that he danced and got the audience singing

on the stage. I was moved by For the

Love of God.


I saw Steve Vai’s concert in Yokohama. Awesome, awesome,awesome!! This is the best

evolving guitar player in the world!

He got awesome far than I saw him

before. I felt deep admiration.


Sure enough, my most favorite guitar player is Steve Vai. I’m sure it is.

Seeing him in live performance today,

I realized it again!


Tonight Steve Vai entertained us with

colorful guitar sound again.

Instrumental music was mainly played,

he had entertained audience for more than two hours without singing.

People who loves guitar music understand his way.


Steve Vai’s concert at Yokohama Bay

Hall was awesome! Nice dance and

tongue guitar was great! He is a real


The aura he played For the Love of God was amazing. It was so good

experience for me to see a guitar player I admired for long time.


When he plays emotional and intense

with vigorous movement, there were

peace and calm around his fingers

which spins the sound. He is more than a human being.


Steve Vai was too cool. I respect him

not only as a guitar hero but also as a

man with a wonderful personality.

I had thought Michael Jackson is

the best entertainer. But now I realized Steve Vai is equal to MJ.


It maybe 3rd times for me to see Steve Vai. But he is in different dimension

than him I saw before. Just guitar and

music can show such a amazing,

wonderful entertainment.

It changed my values.


Looking around audience with his respect, he began to play whispering

a Prayer. He played simple melody

which carries many things to the audience. I felt divinity in such him.