India 2017

Hey Folks, 

The show in Pune India on Dec 9, 2017 was magical as was the show on October 28th in Meghalaya. I usually wouldn’t travel to as far away a place as India for a one-off show, but I’ve always wanted to perform in India and myself and the band are ecstatic over the whole trip in general. Traveling through India is a unique experience itself, and it was such a nice surprise to see the legions of music loving fans who attended this festival. 

Deep appreciation to all who worked so hard to put this show on, to all the bands that contributed to this amazing festival, to my band, crew and management… who in one week slept less than perhaps any other tour we ever embarked on, to the incomparable Mohini Dey who joined us on stage for a jam at both shows and totally tore it up, and especially to the fans for their incredibly warm support. 

For us it was a perfect convergence. In my minds eye I can go back to that last show and look out over the connected audience, the beautiful evening air, the excellent sound that the stage offered, the feeling of the music flowing through us as a band and into the audience. When I do this, I find myself swooning in the delicious realm of pure appreciation. 


Photos by Vicram Chandrasekar