Happy Holidays!

Hey folks, you know who is here. 
I want to wish you all a peaceful, and fulfiling holiday season. It certainly has been here at chez Vai. 
This year was another mother load with the release of Inviolate and how amazingly well it was received, phewww! There was…
* Inviolate release
* Patreon content
* Another shoulder surgery
* Prepping orchestra scores and recordings in Holland and Finland
* Tour prep and our notorious but rewarding European tour
* Our very nice Vai Camp
* South America Rock in Rio with Living Color
* Outstanding peak American tour
* And this friendly message
I feel so honored to have had you there through all this. You humble me. I have no words for my appreciation of you. 😌
And now I’m inspired for 2023! 
So here’s my Holiday message to you… 
“The feeling of fulfillment can be accessed in you by the simple act of giving your full attention to doing something you enjoy doing, and feeling the appreciation of doing it while thinking of nothing else.
You are doing many things during the day that you can find this simple enjoyment in… waiting at a stop light, standing in a line, eating a meal, packing and un-packing, etc. etc. simple things. By giving these things full attention and thinking of nothing else, you are feeling fulfilled in that moment. 
A powerful reminder that can be referred to when needing to make a decision, is to “choose joy in this situation”. 
Happy Holidays
I see you, and I love you