SV number: SV 357
Pet name: Cimino
Year: 1989
Serial: 000006
Receive date:

This guitar is part of the original batch of 7 string swirls I received from Ibanez back in the day. It’s serial number is #000006 so it came in early. I suspect I took this guitar on tour as a backup because it doesn’t show the kind of wear that others from that period have that I know I used a lot. Back in the 90’s I gifted this guitar to my friend Mark Cimino. It’s for sale with half of the proceeds going to “The Make A Noise Foundation” (thank you Mark). 

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  1. Chris I says:

    Hi Vai alliance, Lovely guitar and great swirl, colours not as faded as some of the others from this period. Well done on this new gallery, guitar viewing heaven.
    One question, what is the sale process if still available?
    Cheers and keep up the great work guys.

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