Roland G-707

Type: MISC 6 STR
Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 405
Pet name:
Serial: 494665
Receive date:

from ed: I am the proud owner of a Steve Vai owned and used guitar. I purchased this guitar directly through Steve. It is a Roland G-707 guitar synthesizer. I bought this in the spring of 2011, from Steve. He also recorded a personalized video in his studio for me with the Guitar. Filmed by none other than Thomas Nordegg! As told by Steve, the guitar was obtained for the recording of the Eat ‘Em and Smile album. The guitar did not end up on any of the album tracks because of what the album turned out to be, as said by Steve. He said that he did use my Roland on a lot his demos around the time of Passion and Warfare. The Roland is definitely a treasure of mine and thrilled to own a personal Steve Vai guitar! It is worthy of the New Book of 100 guitars, should you consider it. It is a cool guitar with great background stories with it. I would like to ask a favor from you. I have been unsuccessful in trying to contact someone to get my Roland guitar onto Steve’s Guitar Gallery page, from his website. It should definitely be in the Gallery!! Your assistance would them be appreciated!! Thank you so much! All the Best!! Eddie Porta

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