Jerry Jones Choral Sitar

Type: MISC 6 STR
SV number: SV 116
Pet name: Angel Hair
Year: later 80's
Serial: 1088
Receive date:

Frank Zappa had a choral Sitar but I think it was a different brand. I used it quite a bit while I was with him, specifically on “What’s New in Blatimore and “The Theme to the Third Movement of Sinister Footware. I kept the guitar for a while and could have probably held onto it indefinately but after Frank passed away it felt weird to have it without the family knowing as Frank never conciously said “You keep it”. So I informed Dweezil and he said I could return it. While I had it it started to teribbly chip for some reason. I can’t imagine it was anything I had done to it because I just had it in the case. I decided to buy a new one whcih was alot for me to purchase, I think it was around $500 or so. I have used this choral sitar on virtually every record I ever made with the exception of Flex and Leftovers. I continue to use it. Recently on “The Moon and I”, “Stairway to Heaven” with MJB, etc.

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