Jem Jr. Flower paint

Type: JEM
SV number: SV 364
Pet name: Renée
Year: 2018
Serial: 160500089
Receive date: 25/03/2019

This guitar was painted by Renée M King. Here’s her explanation of her process: “In a world dominated by a constant demand for guaranteed cause and effect, the ebb-and-flow nature of acrylic pouring allows for a release from these constraints while offering the keys to a wholly unique product with every new piece. Though I have had the good fortune to teach myself many varying techniques with liquid acrylics, I am particularly fond of the flower formation style. Originating as delicate pools of brilliantly toned paints upon a white surface, each petal is blown from the collective pour into its own floral entity. With flowers coming naturally in all designs, this painting style in particular ensures these flowers will each hold their own distinctive personality and coloration, singularities come together in a ubiquitous whole.”

Tech specs:
“Prototype Terminator System”
Terminator – EVO

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