Jackson Ike Turner guitar

Type: MISC 6 STR
Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 12
Pet name: Ike
Receive date:

Jackson Soloist Serial #: J0334 This pink Jackson electric was used extensively on the Alcatrazz \”Disturbing The Peace\” tour in late 1984 and 1985, and re-appeared during the \”Eat \’Em and Smile\” Tour. It has also appeared in a few magazines and ads – namely a DiMarzio pickups ad with Billy Sheehan. It was once outfitted with a plastic wrist-rest, and had the words IKE TURNER written on the front of the pickguard in white lettering. It has since had the rest and pickguard removed, the screw holes filled, and the guitar was repainted a lighter shade of pearlescent pink. A crack in the nut/back of headstock has been repaired – hence the extra set of screws in the back of the neck. Interestingly, this guitar also displays Steve\’s early experimentation with what would become the lion\’s claw cavity on the Jem guitar. Deep grooves (painted black) descend into the guitar body under the floyd rose string-lock screws. This guitar was sold in the 2000’s.

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