Ibanez UV7PWH

Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 291
Pet name: FLOG
Serial: 918641
Receive date:

Ibanez Universe UV7P Serial No. 918641 The 3rd prototype 7-string that was made. It was used extensively for “Passion and Warfare” and on tour. This was the guitar used to record “For the Love of God” and various songs on the Whitesnake record as well. This photo shows it with yellow knobs, but they were replaced with the proper white ones shortly after this picture was taken. Steve gave this guitar to The Artist (formerly known as Prince) in 1996. Universe replica Ibanez UV7PWH White w/ Pyramids.
Manufactured in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993.


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  1. eugtone says:

    Steve: How did you get a Edge-7 trem to allow so much pull up? All of my 3 UVs just hit the wood if I try to pull up as much as needed to play FTLOG. Did you gouge out the wood on the back?

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