Ibanez UV77MC

SV number: SV 107
Pet name: Zahara
Year: 1990
Serial: N/A
Receive date:

Universe Ibanez UV77MC Multi Color.
Manufactured in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993. This was Steve’s main Whitesnake tour guitar. Most live photos of the era depict him playing this guitar. It’s also a unique swirl due to the dominance of yellow in the paint mix. This is also THE guitar that appeared in the Ibanez catalogs in 1990 for the swirls. At some point the neck was changed to the green dot neck – not sure if the original neck was broken on tour(?). The neckplate reads “SV01”. This would be the most recognizable guitar from the Whitesnake era apart from the Universe with the handle that Steve gave to Thomas McRocklin.

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