Ibanez JEM7VWH

Type: JEM
Status: SOLD or GIFTED
SV number: SV 282
Pet name: Pogo
Year: 1992
Receive date:

Ibanez Jem 7VWH (“Pogo”) Prototype, No serial number. Pogo got it’s name because of it’s pickups. DiMarzio created two new prototype guitar pickups for Steve around 1992, called Evolutions and Pogos. Evo has the Evolutions, Pogo has the Pogos, and each guitar had its name written on the front for quick identification. Pogo was used in 1993-1997 as a backup guitar for Evo, and was ultimately given to Roger Bell, who was Steve’s guitar tech on tour from 1993-1997. “Ibanez JEM7VWH White with Vines.
Manufactured since 1994.”

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  1. matic22 says:

    Pogo is used quite a bit during this video from St. Petersbourg from 1995 (1st song with Pogo is “Tender Surrender”):

    The easiest way to differentiate it from Evo is the black tip on the 5 way switch.

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