Ibanez JEM77GMC

Type: JEM
SV number: SV 187
Pet name: Gemerald
Year: 1992
Serial: N/A
Receive date:

Ibanez JEM77GMC Green Multi Color.
Manufactured in 1992, 1993.


This guitar was used by Steve during his performance with the all-star band

on David Letterman’s 10th Anniversary Late Night Special (January 1992),

which was broadcast on national TV.

The Ibanez Jem 77GMC. A green/black multicolor swirl finish makes this one

of the most visually impactive Jem guitars.

The guitar is in pretty good condition, but some

of the green swirl finish has chipped off the back around the spring cavity.

The headstock has black tape on the underside to hold guitar picks.

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