Gibson SG Frank Zappa Roxy

Type: SG
SV number: SV 239
Pet name: Elsewhere
Year: 2013
Serial: 112130469
Receive date: 13/08/2013

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  1. zappahead says:

    I was lucky enough to end up with one of these beauties, my dream guitar.

    2 questions for Steve.

    1. Since I know you played the original Roxy in your early days with FZ, even though it was in a different configuration, how does this one compare?

    2. Have you recorded anything with the guitar yet?

    Very cool knowing I own the same guitar as another one of my favorite guitarists. Frank had the original, Dweezil has multiple and Jake Cinninger from Umphrey’s McGee owns a Roxy as well, so neat.

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