Charvel custom strat style

SV number: SV 10
Pet name: Green Meanie
Year: 1983 ?
Receive date:

Charvel Custom Electric “The Green Meanie” No Serial Number The \”Green Meanie\” is actually a Charvel Strat-style guitar loaned to Steve by Grover Jackson (of Jackson Guitars) when Steve joined Alcatrazz. Originally a sunburst finish, Steve stripped it and painted it day-glo green, and it has eventually become covered in various stickers, etc. This guitar was used on \”Disturbing The Peace\” and for virtually everything on ‘Em & Smile”. It has since been retired and has been on display at the Hall of Fame museum. SV: “If I had to point to one guitar that is more valuable than EVO, it would be the Green Meanie. It was my go to guitar through all the Alcatrazz, Dave Roth and PAW days.” It’s the first guitar that I chiseled away at the body to create the wide floating that the whammy bar is capable of. 

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  1. ozweepay says:

    Before the iconic Ibanez guitars that would influence a generation, this is the guitar I first associate with Steve Vai. I remember seeing a Carvin ad in a magazine, with Steve standing in front of a monstrous row of speaker cabs, holding this guitar. I was immediately in love with it’s garish color combination and obvious self-customized appointments. Everyone else wanted a striped strat, but I wanted a green one.

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