READ BEFORE POSTING: Self-Promotion Showcase User Guidelines

Want to share your demo or band recording with others? Please do it in this forum ONLY. IMPORTANT: Please read the guidelines for this forum before posting...
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Welcome to the Self-Promotion Showcase Forum.

We have created this forum due to the amount of posts from people wanting to share their demos and band recordings with others for comments and feedback.

As this is a new area of the site, the guidelines for posting on this forum will probably evolve over time. Please check back often. We reserve the right to alter these guidelines at any time.

As in all areas of the Message Boards, the usual Rules and Guidlines apply. In addition, please read the following:

- Unfortunately, Steve cannot provide personal feedback on your work.

- When posting in this forum, you are opening yourself up to comments, opinions and potential criticism. If you are easily offended by the opinion of others please do not post your work here.

- That said, it's important that you are respectful in your comments and criticisms. This forum, like all others is a place for a friendly exchange of ideas.

- This forum is not for spamming, or advertising of services. If you want people to check out your recording, please create one thread only. Do not repeatedly post your website URL.

- Be aware that if you host your music with free hosting services, or other hosting providers, you may be subject to bandwidth restrictions. If your posts include dead links, or links that are unresponsive for a length of time, your thread will be deleted.

- We cannot host your work on the server.

- Remember that when you post links to downloads of your work, you are putting it out into the public domain. Please be prepared for the consequences of such actions.

- Do not post links to bootlegs, piracy or other unlawful shared files.

- Do not post link to sites containing pornography or other obscenity.

- This forum is for promoting, NOT selling. Solicitation for sales is not permitted in this forum. If someone is interested in purchasing your music, please take it to Private Message, or direct a user to the appropriate place on your own site.

- While provides this area of the Message Boards, posts and links from this site should not be construed as an endorsement of any kind. makes no guarantees as to the quality or content of any of the works posted in this forum.

- reserves the right to close this area of the forum (temporarily or permanently) at any time without prior notice.

Thanks for reading!