JEM JR - Can someone talk about this guitar please?

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I am very curious about this guitar. $500.00 for a JEM? I am guessing this is the same guitar Steve talked about Ibanez making solely to reduce piracy in ummm....far away places from me so many years ago.

Steve mentioned that it would never end up for sale in the west as a legitimate product. But it seems given enough time anything can happen. Is this that same guitar produced so many years ago to end piracy in foreign lands?

It's a very attractive price but only if it is ultimately what I am looking for. I've played guitar for many years always wondering why I never get faster. I think my guitar's action is limiting my performances. Yes, I am blaming it on the guitar. I think it's a valid issue at this point.

I am going to bite the bullet soon and buy a new guitar. But I would rather spend double for the Seafoam Green JEM versus this one if I have to so I get the fast neck, low action that I so desperately need.

Where does this guitar make the most sacrifices to reach this price point? Is it all in the humbuckers, or is it in the fast neck, low action areas also? The substituted pickups for real Dimarzios I could probably live with. But I am not gonna buy a guitar that limits my potential fastest playing speed.

All comments welcome.
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