My story, and a thanks to Mr. Vai

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Dear Mr. Vai and all fellow fans,
I'm a 15 year old boy, by the name of Zachary Vaupel, who was introduced to Steve's music a few years back. my father introduced me to the music and at first i had every other persons reaction, " OH MY GOD THAT'S AMAZING." and so i fell in love. but before i continue my story i kind of need to give you a little background information just so that you know the true meaning of my story. i am somewhat of a strange child. even though every child and person is different and they would love to believe that they are special, i am in fact a completely different genre of teenager. and this isn't some miraculous accident of birth. nor is it a result of tragedy. It is, however, a result of great influences. two of them being my father and Steve Vai. my father is my main influence, he has taught me a lot of very important things, more than the normal father to his child i must add. but none the less he has been my guiding light for a lot of the struggles ive been through.Ii'll get to Steve later. For now I'm going to focus on what i want to really say (i digress). so here it goes...
Well to start, i am what i like to call an spiritual atheist. Yes it sounds strange, but it's quite easy to understand. i don't believe in a god or put my faith in any certain religion because(and i know this sounds strange), what if they are all wrong! How can you choose one when there are so many? what if there is a god that no one has thought of with rules that no one has written? So, i choose to follow my own set of rules, these aren't beliefs or in any way a religion, they are simply rules that i follow. They are: do what it takes to be happy, and be a nice person. That's it. if there is a god out there i think he would let me into heaven if i lived a happy life and was nice to everyone. that's if the god created a heaven at all. but never the less i live by these rules and strive to be happy. the "spiritual" part comes into play when i play my guitar or when i am in love (among other things). i believe that passion is the most important emotional quality human have. and i use this emotional quality as sort of a means for "worship"... of my self i guess.... i guess you could call me auto-deistic but i don't think of myself as a god so, that label doesn't work. but you get the idea.
I hadn't realized most of this until about 2 days ago when i saw a video of Steve Vai talking about his beliefs at an Alien Guitar Secrets Master Class in Israel. he said that he said that he has studied many religions and he used what made sense to him. i don't remember what his exact words were but what he said changed me. i developed a spiritual idea to my set of rules. he explained that meditation is what he uses to be who he is(i believe this is what clicked). this has changed my view of everything. i feel that Mr.Vai has healed a part of me that would never have been mended if i hadn't seen that video. so today i feel compelled to share my story of enlightenment with everyone and Steve himself.
i plan to write a copy of this message to Steve in hopes of a reply. i know it is unlikely, but i don't care, if one person sees it I will be happy.
So, in conclusion i would like to say thank you to Mr. Vai for helping me become a better person and for bringing me further joy in life through your music.

Zachary Vaupel
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Welcome Zach . . . It's a big world . . . and then there's the universe

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