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Here is a setlist idea, if vai did an anniversary show for Alien Love Secrets
Tell me what you guys think For a live show that would be (this would be my idea for an Alien Love Secrets tour)
1. Bad Horsie
2. Kill The Guy With The Ball
3. Tender Surrender
4. The Crying Machine
5. Whispering A Prayer
6. The Animal
7. Answers (with the funky trading intro between jermey and steve)
8. The Riddle
9. Juice
10. Die To Live
11. The Boy From Seattle
12. Ya-Yo-Gakk
13. Midway Creatures
14. For The Love Of God
15. Liberty
Jenn Pix
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*dying from awesomeness
Love that as a set list! :headbang

Only thing I'd change, Whispering A Prayer and Liberty swap places.
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Sign me up for all of that!

...but The Boy from Seattle??? :guitar :headbang :mrgreen: yes plz!!
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