Dimarzio Breed pickup in a Ibanez GRG guitar?

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I am looking forward to buy a new pickup and from the sounds that I heard on youtube I've zeroed in on the Dimarzio Breed but I am still unsure if it would sound good IN MY GUITAR.

Also I dont have an amp right now but I mostly run through vst amp sims on my pc and record/play/jam.

The big question is that I dont know what wood is my guitar made of.I got it for cheap from a music store.It does look like a older version of the grg line but I was also told by some repair guy that my guitar could be a RG with the neck swapped by a GRG one because I have a INF pickup in my neck and the INF bridge was missing and to my knowledge only RG guitars have INF3/INF1 pickups in them.

I love the tone this guy achieved with the breed in the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OY1O1f6oGME" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

SO what do you guys suggest?
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Do you have some pictures of your guitar? To determine what kind of Ibanez it is, if it's a GRG or RG mixup, I would need to see it in some detail.
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i'm guessing it's basswood

I have a guitar with a breed in the bridge (its the 30 fret ibanez with no neck pickup)

it sounds good
not as harsh and shrill as a evo (hence not wanting harsh in a guitar with 30 frets)

my 30fret guitar also has a basswood body

I'd recommend it- it's a good pickup
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