Vai has no feel

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thelordofcheesecake wrote:Totally disagree. Just for starters:

Tender Surrender
Hand On Heart
For The Love Of God
Touching Tongues
Rescue Me Or Bury Me
Blue Powder
Whispering A Prayer

Tell him to listen to those and say it again. Your teacher, as far as this is concerned, is a moron.

How about F**k Yourself I can feel that one too :guitar
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Kamenrider Ryuuki
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*theanimal*05 wrote:My guitar teacher reckons vai wouldnt know phrasing, feel or emotion if it slapped him on the arse. he reckons he cant play blues at all and reckons that all he does is play a million notes per second. He reckons Eric clapton is better for feel along with a long list of other players.

My question is, Has anyone ever come up to you and said Vai is crap and stupid and what was your reply?

Tobi Atkins
Vai had a key to open a door to my soul...and you say he has no feel?

I felt him every time I listen...and ignored him everytime i don't...

yes, there is one time my boss who was a fanatic Eric Gale fan, reckons that Vai is very technical...I his face...that...yes...Vai...had a lot of things he wanted to say at the same very...technical!

only a Vai would know a Vai...ha ha ha!
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Yes. I feel sometimes that Vai has no feel. But may be thats just me and maybe I don't have feel either :roll:" onclick=";return false;
Galih Pam
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I've been playing guitar like Steve for so long, and I feel like enormous emotions come to me from the softest to the hardest everytime I play like him.
I think if somebody try to compare Steve and Eric Clapton about the feeling, that's not exactly right because both of them are in the different genres, Steve's specialized in rock and Eric's specialized in blues. Both of them have different techniques to get the feeling dude.
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Your teacher might have an inferiority complex.. Maybe he doesn't like Vai's tone.... Give your teacher the naked track of the song Frank.... Ask your teacher to record his version the song over the track.

He might discover how difficult it is to make the guitar speak over track like that.

I too get tired of hearing my favorite guitarists. BUT I do understand what it takes to be great.
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