Most important piece of gear for vai's tone?

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soloist4hire wrote:I never asked what i needed to get vai's tone....I got it already. I was asking what piece of gear everyone thought was most important for his tone.. Either his guitar, his amp, or what?
It's the fan. I think Home Depot has a sale going on... :lol:
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Desert_Runner wrote:
soloist4hire wrote:Other than the Jem and the legacy, what would be the single most important piece of gear needed to get vai's tone? Would it be a harmonizor, a delay, a reverb, what?
His hands. :wink:
His hands for sure. Steve said that in an interview about EVH coming to his place and played on Vai's guitar thru Vai's amp and sounded just like eddies rig and eddie never tweaked one thing Vai said he was amazed at that.
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Nuff said......
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"his way with all of his gear u will ever come close bla bla bla blah"

Truth is Steve "gets" his tone out of any tube amp(c.f latest Russian masterclasses)..mostly because the one element which is always there is of course the JEM, with Evo pickups.

then DS-1/TS9/Jemini/Mxr flanger/whammy pedal/morley wah/Gforce/Gsystem/Carvin Legacy can help.

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Can´t you hear the sound is just like Steve´s?

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