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I have a few questions concerning MIDI equipment and set up. Lets say i have a triaxis,a g major, and some other midi processor. If i use a midi pedal board to switch from one sound to another will it change all the patches at once? or can i for instance be on a distorted sound on the triaxis then decide to use a chorus sound on the Gmajor...will both of them change? Or do i have to program everypossibility for effect/clean/dist sound on the patches?

Or do i need like 3 midi pedal boards to be able to just add one effect at a time depending on the situation?

lol as you can tell im totally lost
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I haven't used MIDI for years, but I believe you do something like this:
If you have a patch you use on one unit, you simply assign it in two places. The basic spot, and the spot were the other effect is added.
In theory the patch is being switched from one to another, but in reality, the patches are the same.

So basically, MIDI selection "1" consists of patch "A" from one unit.
MIDI selection "2" consists of patch "A" (unit 1) and "B" (from unit 2).

Or something like that....

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What RAI describes is usually called MIDI mapping in most manuals. You generally have 128 (0-127) MIDI patch assignments and if the processor supports MIDI mapping you can assign one of the 128 MIDI patches that are common to all of your processors to any of the individual patches on each of your processors.
SO, one piece of equipment, typically a MIDI controller pedal, will be your master that will send a control number, say 13, and then 13 will be interpreted differently by each piece of equipment that supports mapping, i.e. your Triaxis could interpret number 13 to be patch 24 while your G-Major will interpret it as patch 02.

The G-Major manual should explain this in more detail (http://www.tcelectronic.com/Default.asp?Id=827)

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