TC 1210

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Hi Steve,

I just got my hands on a TC Electronic 1210 and it is amazing! Screw plugin chorus.

It had never previously seemed possible that the lush "warm toffee" element to guitars on PAW was from this unit, but it really seems to bring part of what I feel is really unique about the guitars on that album and what I was missing and longing for all this time. It's especially thick and lush on Liberty, but I never thought of that lead tone as having chorus - it is not a classic detuned chorus.

I see you have some favourite settings marked in white on your own unit in the Harmony Hut: any chance these are 25-year old favourites from PAW?
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The GOOD GOOD stuff from the 80's are hard to find used

I come across all the junk all day but good vintage units are hard to come by

I wish I could find all those analog things here and there- the delays and choruses- they're don't come up often and when they do they go for top dollar- i'm always on the hunt for cool recording stuff
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