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First post, so greetings to all (you got good taste).

I'll get right to it:

What are the golden rules to setting up your Edge trem so that when you raise OR lower it as much as 6 tones, it will still be perfectly in tune when you return it to the floating position?

My own guitar (RG2XXV in neon red w/ Dm Evo pups) has an Edge Zero II, however, I am guessing that the principles for allowing a trem to be able to sustain this type of violent action are the same whether it's a Zero, a LowPro or even a Floyd?

Quick examples: the Shy Boy 'helicopter' trem section, or the part in Van Halen's Judgment Day when the bar gets dropped 6 tones repeatedly in a staccato fashion. If I try any of this with my current set-up the whole thing goes wildly out of tune.

Please don't just give me the old "take it to a professional" cop-out! I want to LEARN how to do it myself (and I can't find much via search engines).
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A nice little trick is to have some chapstick on the knife edges.
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Rich over at ibanezrules.com has a pretty awesome tech/setup section.
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