jim marshall has died

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sad news,
jim marshall of marshall amps has died aged 88.
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kyle am I
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funny, I was literally JUST going to make a thread about this when I clicked on lol. You beat me to I :)
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Sad to hear. Guy made a huge impact on rock music. Sold a lot of extra cabs to a certain Mr Malmsteen, too.....
Nate from San Diego
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Today is a very sad day in Rock and Roll history.

If I may quote the Richard Cromelin of the LA Times
By Richard Cromelin, Special to the Los Angeles Times
April 6, 2012
It was the physical embodiment of rock's power and majesty — a wall of black, vinyl-clad cabinets, one atop the other, crowned with a rectangular box containing the innovative circuitry that revolutionized the music.

This was the famed Marshall stack, the amplification gear that has dominated rock stages since its introduction in the early 1960s, bestowing on guitarists the ability to achieve unprecedented volume and controlled distortion.
Who here HASN'T played through a Marshall at least once in their life?
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good old Jim Marshall rather sad when people die but in this case he left his mark for all to enjoy,.. player and listner alike
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