Question for Steve regarding mixing board

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This is my first post in the forum so I should start by saying that one of my guitar students brought in a video of a live Steve Vai concert and I was so astounded that my jaw actually dropped. That's never happened before. Of course I'm getting a bit older, maybe that's what happens? The entire band is outrageously good at what they do. I am retired from performance after 12 years of banging out the bar scene in the Twin Cities back when you could work full time and make a living. I played keys and violin... but not like either of the band's keyboard/violinists.

Here's the question... I would like to know if Steve ever owned an Allen, Heath & Brunell CMC24 mixer. If so, I wonder if he would have any comments on the mixer in general. This is going to require some remembering... I would assume that if he had one it might have been middle 80s. If you had a CMC24, Steve, can you post a photo of your studio at that time?

I just bought a CMC24 on eBay and the manual has notes on it that indicate this was yours. If so, it's still in service and in a good home. I'm using it for analog summing.

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