G System vs. Axe-FX

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Hy guys,

i plan to do some major changes in my setup. At the moment I use a TC G-Major in the FX-Loop of my Marshall JVM and a Behringer FCB1010 that controls both units via MIDI. A pretty simply setup which totally satisfied my needs over the years.

Now I'm looking for a unit that is more customizable/tweakble.

The G-System seems very practical to me. I would use it in 4-cable-method so that i can use the switchable loops for my TS and my DS1. No rack necessary, the price is fine (new 1400€ here in Europe).
Do the G-Systems still have troubles with the firmware? What are your experiences with sound quality and reliability?

The Axe-FX II is much more expensive. The unit itselfs costs 2300€ and for the MFC another 700€...so 3000€ are approximately 4200$ :? A lot of money for a collage-guy like me :)
Obviously you can do pretty much everything with that thing. Is it worth the money? Your experiences on sound-quality and reliability?
Is the pitch shifter compareable to Eventide?
Unfortunately it's nearly impossible in Europe to test one. How is the support of G66?

I'm really struggling between that two units. Hope you can feed my mind :)

best wishes,
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hi pat,
i can only tell you about my experience with the g system.
i have used mine for over a year now with my legacy heads,i only use the delay/reverb/chorus etc effects in the effects loop of the head.i dont use any of the comp/filter effects or any of the loops.
i think its a great piece of kit,especially for live use,the delay and chorus are worth the money alone along with the amp switching(i bought mine used for £700).i have had no problems with the firmware or reliability.
for live use i like things simple and only use a few sounds(i tend to use alot of pickup and volume knob changes)
the axe fx is something i would like to try but for me its something i would be forever fiddling with rather than just playing!although i think for recording it must be a must have piece of kit.
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Quality of sounds wise the Axe-Fx blows the G-System away. Cab sims, emulation and all the extra stuff, plus the virtually unlimited customization that you can do with the Axe-Fx blows the G-system away. Best system going right now. Worth every penny.


If all you need is reverb, delay, compression, loop switching, etc. The G-system is great. I've had mine for many years and its served me well at all my gigs. Never an issue.

I absolutely hate the Vyzor editor tool though. That pile of crap software has caused me nothing but problems so if you use it, be very careful. But the firmware updates and everything have gone smoothly without issue.
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Thank you for your responses.

Primarily I'm looking for a solid live unit. The interface of the G-System is surely user-friendlier than the Axe FX.

If I'd go for the AxeFX i would just use the effect-section during a live performance but the amp- and speaker-simulations could be very interesting for recording. It's such a shame that there's no possibilty to test Fractal products here in Austria.

How do the emulations cope with dynamic playing? Do they respond like a tube amp if you turn the volume knob down? You know, like in Tender Surrender or similar songs. This is the point were usually all Modellers start to fail :)


On the G66-site there is just the AxeFX II. Did they discontinued the "Standard" and "Ultra"?
Is AxeFX II = Ultra or better?
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I have an Axe-Fx
I've have a G-Force
and had until a week ago a G-System

i would not get a G-System and I would get an Axe Fx

The reason is- your amplifier

I'll just say it out right-
I think the JVM's are awful amps-
while they are tube- don't sound much better than a practice amp- the preamp in it is very low quality and in order to use a gsystem well you need a GREAT preamp

I used the g system with a Mesa Boogie Road King and a Mesa Boogie Triaxis

the best amps/preamps you can buy

I was going to buy a JVM until i played it-

While the midi output of the g system would be very easy in the JVM to control each channel- the quality as a preamp on its own is very noisy and not good at all- the g system won't like it.

you're going to need tons of TS and TRS cables (balanced and unbalanced) along with hum eliminators between everything to get it playable...

If you had something like a Marshall DSL or maybe a TSL or a JCM800 etc..
I'd say get a G-System-
the g system can still run the channels with the relays...

Given the fact i hate the amp you use- i'd go with an Axe-Fx- much better preamps and amp sounds

sorry to talk shit about your amp- i've very familar with the JVM and extremely familarwith the g system- and know they wont like each other.
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I wanted to mention a few more things...

-The Axe-Fx is incredibly more tweakable than the G-System- but both super tweakable compared to most units

- you can find an Axe Fx II- and they are selling used for $3000- hundreds more than them new- Buy an Axe-FX Ultra- its not worth the extra money- thats what i own and decided to do

- I've never had a problem with the firmware- of the gsystem
- The quality of the g system is professional top of the line studio quality
- i only recommend using the 4 cable method> thats how it was designed- go on the forum and read up (tc elec forum) there's a PDF called THE WHITE PAPERS- read it now before you buy anything- its really complex and will take months to make useful-
-while both complex the axe is much more 'plug and play' the g system you have to tweak levels and preamp signals for decades first

- Based on the Axe-EDIT software- i would say the axefx pitch shift and alll its tweakability/costomization is better than the Eventide stuff

is it worth the money? yes-

HOWEVER- The digidesign 11 rack is just as good- while it doesnt have 100 effects and amps- the 10-15 it does have are really good sounding- its a great preamp on its own- and as much of the axe ppl say it can't compare to the axefx it really can...
in fact using a gsystem with a digi11 as a preamp would be a really good sound.

any questions?
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Thanks Jeries,

i think i'll go for the Axe FX. It seems to be the best solution. I also just got in touch with a guy who owns an AxeFX Ultra and lives about an hour away of my hometown. I'm going to test it at his place next week...very nosey about it ;)

Only point i disagree with you is the JVM :mrgreen:
I owned Marshalls, Engls and Peaveys and there was always something missing on those Amps. The Invader was very versatile but the sound was sterile as hell and to compressed. The 5150 was very good at crunch/heavy tones but the clean-channel is a disaster, same with the JCM900. JCM800 nice sound but nut versatile enough.
The best amps I've ever had was the Marshall 6100 and the JVM. Nothing to complain about...solid sound, very versatile, great features.

When i got my first JVM i was actually going to test a Mesa Dual Rectifer. This was a disappointing amp...after 3h of playing i wasn't able to find a single sound that i like.
Then the shop-guys came in with the JVM, i plugged in and bought it immediately.
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