Neve 1084 Dual Channel Mic Pre

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Classic 59
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Has anyone had any experience with this mic pre?

Thank you,

Classic 59

Stephen Brown
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"It was also the year that British electronics designer Rupert Neve formed the company that still bears his name."
AMS History

No I haven't but it looks like it's based upon this Designer "Rupert Neve"

Modern take upon a classic I think.

High quality mic pre with eq. Of course no feedback reading meter.

Not a mic pre but Oooo
Mr Modern Fairchild :lol:

I think the button line is that mic pre will be great & have it's own tone. They all do. Either it will be transparent to the best of it's ability or it will imprint it's own signature sound based upon it's component source. However I think if you are posting gear like the above you already know that. May not be that great for ribbon mics. Looks built to last & has the added control of an E.Q section.

To me it's looks like a great investment & addition to ones studio.

Why? You buying it?
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