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"After 7 years of dedicated and brilliant work, Mike Mesker will be pulling back from the reins of and focusing on his inspired gifts of art and design.

I am deeply indebted to Mike and am looking forward to working with him in the future on various projects. We remain close friends."

- Steve Vai

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it was absolutely a pleasure having you deal with all of us crazy folk here & meeting you at various shows in philly.
I hope you drop-in once in a while with news of your escapades.
Cheers Mikey!
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Holy Moley, Didn't see this one comming!

Anyways I'll be sad to see you go Mikey, but I know you'll have a sucessful career in everything you do. Please have fun, and enjoy what you do. We will all miss you.
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Mikey .. Its been a real pleasure meeting you on many occasions and i wish you all the very best with your new ventures .
Ive got to say many thanks for everything you have done for me in the past .. your a star.
I hope one day we cross paths once more until then take care and best wishes .
your friend
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I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Evo Experience during the Real Illusions tour. I have always envied your artistic abilities. I was just recently admiring your recent photography work on Dave Weiner's On Revolute.

Best of luck to you. You will be missed.
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Thanks Mikey for all your hard work enlivening the website and keeping it going, and doing all your tour work and artistic work for Steve as well. You've brought Steve's music (and the ZPZ stuff I must add) even closer to the fans, enlarged Steve's presence on the music scene and brought lots of good happiness stuff and music to lots of folks. I was always impressed with your maturity and sensibility, too, in managing even the minor stuff in the website forum. Good luck in your new endeavors.
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:( Sad news!

Well as stated above huge thanks for the spirit, the inside info, the attitude, the great designs!!

Let's hope doesn't suffer too much from your departure!

all the best for your continuing career!

:headbang :peace :headbang

Tons of respect.
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Michael, what can I say. When you told me the news yesterday I was stunned! But now a day later it got time to marrinade and I understand. When time is there to move on it's good to do so. Time for a fresh and new endeavors.
Mikey, it was always a pleasure meeting you through out these 7 years. You have always been a very straight forward guy and that I respect. Thank you for all your hard work what you've done for and beyond and us the fans! Thank you for your help with the AGS last year. You are a extrodinary Artist and one of a kind!
I hope to see you in LA one of these days but hey, we'll keep i touch.
All the best.
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Damn...didn't see that one coming :(
I do understand your decision but you sure will be missed!
Anyway thanks for all you've done (it's a lot) and good luck in whatever you try.
Now start making those shoes for your kids, mr cobbler :wink:
All the best!!!
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I never met you, but chatted with you once or twice on the forum. You seem like a really good guy. All the best!!! :D
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Oh! That's unexspected! Anyway thanks for your big work on that website, for all your replies on stupid and difficult to answer questions etc... You were and are the one of the coolest moderators on forums. I hope you made the right decision amd hope you all the best in your career. I hope you will come on this forum somdtimes and post something.

Thank you for anything!

Greetings from Slovenia,
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Good luck with your future endeavours, Mikey. You leave some very large shoes for someone to fill (figuratively and literally).
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I too have to admit I was a bit stunned by the news, it is indeed the end of an era.

Although it is sad to see such a great, cool guy leave, the most important thing for every person is their own feeling on what they should do with their life and the gifts they were given. Mike is an artistically driven man, and that we saw during the time he worked on this website - he made the most beautiful site on the entire world wide web - and on some of the best artwork for Steve's albums/DVDs.

Indeed, he leaves such large shoes to be filled that I guess all the various things that he did for Steve will have to be done by more than one person - webmaster, photographer, EVO Experience main person, bodyguard, album cover artist, and the list goes on and on.

I think we will see what he's working on when will be ready.

Mike, it was great to have you here during these years and to meet you at EVOs (I keep great memories of those - see here:"The Giant and the Ant"), and I sometimes marveled at how you managed to do all the things you used to do, while also being so patient will all of us. I wonder who will be able to replace such a huge source of knowledge for all things Vai-related.

Good luck with your future projects, and if you ever collaborate with Steve on anything again in the future, that will be cool!

Thank you so much for all you have done for Steve and for us all!
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Happy ventures my brother. Take care and keep in touch.
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All my wishes for your new projects.
Come to tell us once in a while. :)