Aug 20, Helsinki Finland - Helsinki Festival (Orchestra Show)

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Helsinki, Finland?

Please post your reviews here!

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Hi All,

Made sure i took the opportunity to experience one of Steve's orchestral shows having never seen one before. Booked flights and travelled over from the UK for a 2 day visit to catch both the master class / concert and a bit of the lovely Helsinki city which i haven't been to before.
It was the first show for my 11 year old daughter who is also fan and she deserved a road trip after badly breaking her arm a couple of weeks ago. We raced to get to the master class after landing 45min before the start and arrived just in time. Thoroughly absorbed Steve's oratory on the creative cognitive process, there were a lot of insights shared.
I particularly enjoyed the question on juggling intense touring / recording schedule with a young family, Pia's "you cant get the time back" comment kind of resonated with me as I sat with Annabelle.
Left the masterclass to walk to the hotel in the old town over the bridge from the venue, walked half way across town to the wrong Scandic hotel, got to the right one eventually only for Annabelle to pipe up, "umm dad the other hotel was abit nicer". Why is it kids get excited about hotels like its Christmas - they open the free toiletries like their presents?? :D
Anyway sorry the gig, yes. We got there nice and early to ensure we got front row centre (as always for Steve shows - why stop now). I had initially thought there was no support act and their Finnish band name was that of the orchestra Steve was playing with - so we were very early as it turned out. I whispered to Annabelle these guys are great but we need to nip out for a bite to eat. Hunger and a good show don't mix. In fairness we caught most of the support and they had a good thing going on.
Years ago I just didn't get rock bands playing with orchestras, rolling out the biggest MTV hits with a symphony behind you, i thought it was a gimmick and a cliché.
But then later when I watched Steve's sound theories recordings and hearing how he approached them - working with musicians, writing the extra intervening layers, developing the sound scapes. I quickly realised what we all do, Steve's approach isn't superficial, its a deep dive into the realm, with an attention to detail thats second to none and he takes you with him - the music goes through you, connects you and lifts you up - i watched the other musicians faces on the night as he finished off one or two of the songs and the looks they had said it all.

Before i comment on the songs themselves, I will just add something that is just occurring to me as i write, the connection between what he plays and how the majority of the audience feel about his music is no coincidence, it comes from something he described during the masterclass - if you have a singular dream/strong desire to achieve and stick at it the rest follows - the pieces fall in place, the infinite space that lies at the quantum level will manifest the belief. Well that's what happens, people feel that level of detail in his music and performance in a way that's tangible, the sum is greater than the parts. As a scientist with a PhD myself, i found his description abit of a revelation since in the area of Biochemistry where i initially studied - and this follows for a lot of the sciences - we are by nature reductionists, we learn by breaking up what we are studying in order to understand how it works and understand the pathways and mechanisms involved, always looking to identity the base ingredients. Steve described this and if you go far enough you find nothing but space within atoms (hence the quantum ref). But then he added the piece that i was missing, he introduced the concept of presence of mind, the cognitive way it links to creative thought and onto beliefs manifesting themselves into ideas that affect those around you. It begins at that residual yet infinite space that lies at the fabric of everything. Loved this and if I'm failing to give the purity its justice please watch his Starmus talk for a more eloquent explanation from the man himself.
Still reading? Back to the concert again - not much to say really :) . Amazing, something completely different to what ive experienced, the orchestra give the songs a completely different energy. The stand out for me was Velorum and lotus feet, the former hit you with a wave of energy towards its thunderous climax that blew me away. Lotus feet was a collective masterpiece. The set as a whole was well balanced and I would have loved another half hour, but nevertheless left the venue more uplifted than i care to remember, a truly special night. I hope Steve does more of these and i cant recommend them enough.
Annabelle and I had a great little chat with the composer afterwards, he took abit of time to encourage her to take up a classical instrument, which was really nice of him, nice guy. Thanks also go to Thomas for the pick distribution - made her night complete!!
Final thanks of course to Steve. All the best mate and i hope you enjoyed yourself every much as we the audience did, Annabelle and I especially.


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