29 June 2016 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg - PAW Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Luxembourg, Luxembourg?

Please post your reviews here!

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I'm from France, but Luxembourg is closer to me as the other place in France Steve plays.
A great show, as always !
I loved the whole passion & Warfare, the large screen behind Jeremy and the dynamic of the band !

Only thing : It was very very loud ! It's a pitty, because it altered the sound...

I hope he'll come back very soon !
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:wink: As we click on "Lausanne, Switzerland" we arrive here, ok let's put it on Luxembourg ! no problemo !

I was really pleased to see you in a small place like here in "Les Docks" of Lausanne, and for a great 2h30 concert : THANK YOU !
As said silberic, the only problem is that's really too loud ! And it's a pity because sometime we can't hear your solos or the details of the music, too bad. Too much bass & drums, but I think it's a regular problem in concert these days ...

But anyway, the concert was GREAT GREAT GREAT ! And I'm happy that you seems to be satisfied and smiling ! It's good to see artists that are still enthusiastic after years on the road,
Thank you Steve ! And come back at any time !
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What a show, what a PERFORMANCE… AMAZING again. All Passion and Warfare from top to bottom, it felt like the first time listening to the album. Even 25 years later this music feels fresh, surprising and somewhat chocking to me, plus Steve and his band made it look so easy, GREAT.

My first Evo Experience, not the last I hope, was fantastic. Steve was very profound in his answers, talking as much about music then about the attitude he used to approach both music and life. He would talk about overcoming fears and barriers for example. Plus Steve played my Ibanez Evo on soundcheck another fantastic moment to me. Hey Steve, still want to trade that guitar??? :D

Meet Steve if you can, I am sure, if his work did not already modify your way feeling or seeing the world at some level, he will certainly say something that will do. If Steve is truly a Rock star, he is just as much a very kind and wise human being. So keep listening to him. ..

Thank you very much Steve. See you soon.
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