17 June 2016 - Leuven, Belgium - PAW Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Leuven, Belgium?

Please post your reviews here!

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Steve was on fire this night! :guitar I don't think he missed a note during this 2,5 hour extravaganza which had everything you can expect from the 'genius of the space age guitar'. Very thought out show once again, rock solid. Great and funny virtual jams with Brian May, Satriani, Petrucci and even Frank Zappa. Screening some old 90's Vai music video's during a couple of P&W songs worked pretty well I think. And just fantastic to hear and see the monumental P&W being performed effortlessly from start to finish, .
Steve really seemed to enjoy himself and was charismatic as always. One moment he just looked every single person in the audience in the eye. You must be very confident to do so, but his interaction with the audience is beyond compare anyways. We all know Steve's no Shy Boy, don't we? :D Very entertaining overall, one of the reasons I love the guy.
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Another great show. This was my second of the tour having gone to the London gig. I was in Belgium on business and saw the dates lined up - so i was sold for a second show! This one had more of an intimate atmosphere, the venue was smaller, sweatier(!) and allowed standing, which I prefer having never been a one not to move about to the music :headbang .

PAW again sounded amazing, Steve as usual his charismatic self on stage, holding that bond with the audience. People I spoke with after the show who had never seen one before were very impressed and would go again - so the new fans keep coming!.

Build me a song stuck out as a highlight, Steve naming his two little girl volunteers with challenging names "Sweetheart 1 and Sweetheart 2" and then doing his best to get a musical masterpiece out of them :D .

Being the second show I paid abit more mention to Dave, Phil and JC. Their playing was incredibly tight and spot on. They are a great set of musicians. Having watched a lot of the recent DVD and all the "Space between the notes" extras, you can see why they play well as a unit. If I was pushed to give construct feedback, I would say I would like to hear Dave's guitar abit louder. Both gigs his volume was alittle low, however, this may have been due to my position - front row center for both. In the middle or back of venue the sound may have been different.

Have a great rest of the tour guys, the show is great, its a tight schedule with a lot of back to back gigs, so get that R&R in when you can.

See you on the next tour :guitar
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Well, it is my turn to post a review ...

My husband and I did both the EVO Xperience and the show.

As far as the EVO Xperience goes, it is the first time that I had the opportunity to meet EVO - on my first 2 previous experiences, she wasn't there. So it was great to have a good, long close look ...
While waiting for Steve - who was doing interviews and press, the group had access to the balcony of the concert room.

Then Steve came in.
Not in his best shape - it seems to me that the cold / virus / whatever you will call it, that caught him, caught him well.
He took a close look at each group member, than sat and started answering our questions. My personal feeling was however that it was more impersonal and less interactive than my previous EVO's. And I will blame it on that cold !!!
Rehearsal was interesting and to the point. Good to see and even talk to the other group members and even ome of the crew members.

Then came the time for the show.
I thought it would start with "Alien Water Kiss" but I was wrong.
If you hadn't read other previous concerts reviews, it started with something completely different.
All I will tell about the show is that indeed every single track from the Passion and Warfare album is played, from A to Z ; there are also some nice technical additions.
And for those who weren't aware of Steve's condition, you would have been able to tell he was not well. He interacted with the audience, even teased some :guitar
I think this was one of the best moments for me :?
On a musical level, the fact that there is no acoustics added a new and special dimension to the performance.

More than 2-hours ...
And Jeremy's trousers dripping as if they were coming out of the washing machine :lol:

So thank you, Steve, thank you for everything, for your energy, for your determination.
Thank you for the peace :peace and love ♥ and good happiness stuff !
Thank you Dave, thank you Phil, thank you Jeremy, thank you Thomas, thank you Jaret,, thank you Chris, thank you Jeroen and anyone else I forgot to mention ...
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It was an amazing show - again!
I have seen Steve's shows quite a few times now and he keeps amazing me. It was great to hear the whole PaW from A to Z and finally there was the live performance of one of my favorites: The Riddle.
Went to EVO and enjoyed that very much. Such an intimate atmosphere with only 11 persons and Steve. He was so open and friendly, very relaxed.
I live in Holland and unfortunately there are no venues played this tour (only a festival which I don't like) so I decided to drive to Leuven and did not regret that for a second. What a great, small venue! Great atmosphere, great sound.
Good to see you here, Chris I (standing behind me during the show) and Quokka (also attending EVO)! Unfortunately, there is not much happening anymore at this forum....what a pity.
Thank you, Steve, Dave, Phil, Jeremy and crew!
BTW: love your Guitopia lessons, Dave! Fantastic stuff!
This is the EVO picture that I am very happy with:
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I attended both the show and the EVO experience.
There is already plenty of information about the contents of the show and the experience.

This post is to convince everybody who is still in doubt whether or not to visit the show (maybe having to do some extensive travel): do it! Don't hesitate, the show is great. The music is great. The album is great. The band is great. It really is worth every penny and every minute of your time. Even without the EVO experience, it is definitely worth it. One thousand reviews do not match one minute of the show in real life.

Next to that: the EVO experience. It may seem expensive at first, but if you see what you get (especially compared to some similar experiences of other bands) it is a steal. Steve really takes the time to talk to everyone, and it is really inspiring. Personally, even now it seems unreal that I actually got to sit together with and talk to the man that was an important spark in my guitar playing.

Again: don't hesitate - visit the show!
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