12 June 2016 - Oslo, Norway - PAW Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Oslo, Norway?

Please post your reviews here!

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Fantastic night and great EVO Experience - thrilled to be on the front row. The musicianship was beyond compare!

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Hopefully you can see pics here!
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When Steve plays in Norway I always go to see him. It's such a thrill to see him play and this night was no excption. Superb show, musicianship and awesome tunes. Getting the whole of Passion and Warfare was a blast and it really came out great. Seeing the old music videos at the same time the band was playing the songs was a cool addition, and the virtual jams with satch, zappa and petrucci was also fun to watch. I have never seen anyone play guitar with such joy as Steve, and the way he make it look so easy...the man is an alien for sure :-) ..and quite a comedian as well, constantly joking with the band and audience. :D

But what put me off this night was the sound. It was awful and waaaay to loud. So load in fact that it felt too loud despite me wearing my special earplug moulds, taking of -15dB(and I wasnt standing close to a monitor or anything). I heard lots of people talking about this after the show as well. Some even had to leave early because of this. I havent been completely happy with the sound on previous Vai shows either, but my quality earplugs have always saved the day and made things ok. They didn't this time. I'm almost sure I'd have suffered some hearing damage this night if I didn't use any plugs. (Poor people that didn't wear any). I don't know the reason as to why the band can't get a good sound in this venue, as I've seen lots of other bands here with great sound. Sure it can't be the venues fault... Anyhow..if the soundguy is reading this...take notice!! You're damaging peoples ears, and the fantastic music of Steve deserves better than this.
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