7 June 2016 - Bristol, UK - PAW Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show?

Please post your reviews here!

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we came we saw Steve kicked our ass. first time seeing him live. and to see him perform an album I have loved and listened to and holds a lot of memories from the last 25yrs was a dream come true, plus so much more. totally blown away by him. :guitar
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This was my first time seeing Steve and the band live (in the flesh), even though i've been a fan for quite some time : Since Flexable... DLR's Eat 'em and smile. The live DVDs i have are top notch, but watching them really didn't compare to actually being there. Being as PAW is up there are being one of my favorite albums/guitar albums of all time, seeing it being performed live was an opportunity that i didn't want to pass up... i was very glad i came along. The show was amazing from start to finish... Steve and the rest of the band were awesome! I was interested to hear how 'Love Secrets' would come across live... it was superb! :-)

Here's something : I recognized Steve, Dave, Philip & Jeremy.. they all got a mention during the show... there was another guy who came in on acoustic guitar briefly, i might have missed it, but he didn't get a mention... who was that? :-)

Thanks for an awesome show! Looking forward to PAW/Modern Primitive!
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Thanks for the great show at Bristol last night , being called up to help you build a song was really quite mindblowing and about as scary as getting to play one of Hendrix's Flying V's at a Bonhams auction that went out on breakfast TV. Really looking forward to Modern Primitive coming out .Ironically I was listening to old tapes I have of the Guitar Expo in Seville /Barcelona so that brought back a few memories. Thanks again for the Guitar Pic it goes along with , Hendrix, BB King , Satriani,my other Vai one ;-) Clapton , Peter Green , Iommi , Slash , Joe Perry . Nuno B , Andy Summners. Steve Howe .Bob Dylan , Gary Rossington etc etc pretty big collection . Anyway enjoy the rest of your tour and enjoy peace and happiness stuff.
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I was at the show as one of the photographers on the night. I was shooting for Bristol247.com who's review you can read here Review: Steve Vai, O2 Academy

I enjoyed the show but wish I'd gone to the London gig just to watch the show and then photographed this one. As a photographer after leaving the pit there was no real good spots left to watch the rest of the show so had to stand on the left side where we come out of the pit.

Came out of the pit to find Pia standing there, I said hi but it was no surprise that Pia didn't recognise me as it's been 9 or 11 years since the last time we talked and my hair is a lot longer than it was back then :lol:

I was happy to see Steve live again and I have been checking out the remaining dates in Europe to maybe make a trip to see the show again somewhere else and will leave my camera's at home :)
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