6 June 2016 -Brighton, UK - PAW tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in Brighton, UK?

Please post your reviews here!

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I took my nearly nine year old son Alex with me to see Steve and I have to say we both enjoyed it immensely. The Brighton Dome maybe a small venue but the sound in there is pretty good and you get the impression that you can touch the performers. Alex repeatedly used the word "awesome" to describe the ability of Steve and his band -all virtuoso performances that created a coherent and impressive set.

Opening song just blew the crowd away, with the 6 string base pulping body parts at 20 metres and the scything lead cutting swathes through the crowds! Drumming was immensely powerful yet incredibly gentle on the quieter tracks. Mr Wiener on 2nd Lead guitar is an incredible support for Steve and all worked together brilliantly

Watching songs from PAW being played live was a fantastic experience and the accompanying "guests" added a quality to the tracks on which they featured.

What a nice guy Steve is too.. his joking and sharp wit merely added to the godly status that Alex has bestowed upon him....

The only downside was that Alex wanted to meet Steve and shake his hand and maybe get him to sign an autograph.....

We will definitely go to see Steve when he returns - just make sure you come to Brighton....Makes it easier to manage Alex getting up for school next morning...

Thanks Steve and the crew for introducing a new guitar fan with such an astonishing show
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