2 June 2016 - London, UK - PAW Tour

Been to a Vai show? Review it here. Please post in the appropriate thread for each show!
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Did you attend this show in London?

We'd love to read your reviews!

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What a great show!!
I won't give any surprises away. I can say how amazing the performance was and it was really fun. I just grinned throughout it. I went with my friend who'd never seen the vai band before and he was just blown away. Passion & Warfare is complex and frikkin hard, yet it was delivered in such a way that does it justice for the anniversary of such an epic record.

I enjoyed this gig so much. I hope that one of the shows gets recorded so those that couldn't make it get to celebrate the anniversary to.

I also attended the EVO - I'm so glad I finally did it. It was a truly epic day in my life.
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I went to the London show with my 16 year old son- it was a fantastic show from start to finish. I thought it was great that Steve and the band started off with some amazing favourites to get us all going before the Passion and Warfare celebration... do your own warm-up, what could be better than that? And before you think how commendable it is that I'm introducing my son to the best music, au contraire, he introduced ME to it! The show started bang on time and went fully up to curfew, and yet we were so immersed that it seemed to be over in a flash- we loved it.
My son was also at the EVO Experience (yellow scarf, long hair), which he loved every minute of. Ok, he was supposed to be studying for exams all week, but sometimes life teaches you more. He really enjoyed the Q&A. He has already installed the guitar strap. I only regret that I forgot to send him in with a pot of honey for Steve from my bees in Kent...of course he couldn't take it back into the USA but it would have sweetened the tour.
This probably sounds crazy but one thing I would have enjoyed with some of the vintage clips would have been to see/hear from the boy guitarist in The Audience is Listening in the present day.
Looking forward to the commemoration CD to come!
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Caveat: I only saw this show through Brett Castle's photos, and the comments from Brett and Owen Jones so I have no doubt the concert is redefining quantum physics. Based on the photos, though, IMHO, keep wearing the black leather pants!!!!! :D
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One of the best Steve Vai shows ive seen. Also deicided to give the EVO exp a go.
Concert was amazing, started off with some old favourites which was a great way to warm up, putting Attitude song in second is a stroke of genius. P&W is such a complex record but Steve and the boys pulled it off amazingly, Love secrets in particular was impressive, I was wondering how they were going to do it, but Steve's playing was pitched just right. So well done guys. The surprises (no spoilers) were a real treat, again it was all in the timing and it worked spot on e.g. Audience is listening was brilliantly fresh and full of humour.
Was very glad of the intermission having quickly drunk a couple of pints between sound check and the show - was absolutely bursting at the end of Love of God!. The second half was equally impressive. Wish it could have gone for longer - but when I checked it was a long set with a lot of songs played. Time flies when your having fun. I would love to and Liberty were my highlights, they included the 90s Videos on screen. I kept looking from the Video to Steve on stage and it was a joy to watch him belting out the riffs. It became more than the song it was like a journey from then to now. It became an emotional thing. Brilliant and moving. Well for me anyway!

A word on the EVO experience. It was worth every penny. Wasn't sure what to expect, but was very excited to be there. Steve is an eloquent talker, he has a grasp of the fundamentals of the cognitive process which he puts into real life context in his answers in a very natural and intelligent way and if you take in what he is actually saying its actually great life coaching material. Some people charge a lot of money for that kind of service!

There was a funny incident that made me chuckle , basically in the 90s I met Steve after a show in Manchester (G3 97 fire garden tour), post show he came out to sign autographs and being star struck I got two (one on each side of the P&W CD booklet, which I had stuffed in my back pocket), I don't know why I wanted two, as one was enough but I was so excited to see him. Anyway my mate couldn't get a ticket for the show, so I thought I'll get him one too. But as I was asking Steve for a third autograph I had a pang of guilt and I felt bad afterwards for being greedy. It should be enough just to hear his music and be grateful he's willing to sign one thing. So fast forward to 2016 and i'm like there's no way i'm getting an autograph, he gives so much to so many people, so much warmth, so much amazing music which touches people in so many different ways, i'm like this guy doesn't need to give me anything more. So I decided to give him something in return, which can be abit overboard and off putting to some but I thought Sod it, I going to get him a jar of honey from the bees local to the Chiltern Hills where I live. So I take the Honey with me. I actually asked a question about his Bees and he gave a great answer. When it came to the line up for the Autographs, I was thinking no autography needed for me, I'm going to tell him what an inspiration he is for giving so much to so many and here's a gift for him...BUT I couldn't do it, I was way too shy and star struck!!! Not only that but before he got to me I watched the others and some of the guys were getting 2, 3, 4...5 autographs each, my jaw dropped. I was like guys come on...But Steve didn't mind at all. Here was me carrying this negative guilt baggage for nearly 20 yrs that I had miffed my hero by being greedy and - as Steve himself eloquently said during his talk - they were just thoughts in my head. Something in reality I didn't need to be concerned about. So it came to me, bag in hand with honey and I as approached, got shy and ........I pulled out the Tour program and he signed the best Steve Vai signature you'll ever see on the center picture spread. I walked off honey still in the bag I even had a second chance with the photo, but again too shy to do it :oops:
But as the guilt had melted away I was happy with my Awesome autograph (soon to be framed) and a shake of the hand of my Hero. :D

What also struck me about the whole Evo thing was that Steve didn't come across as not wanting to be there or just going through the motions. He looked and sounded like it was natural and he wanted to meet us all. To do that every day for weeks and months on end takes a certain special type of character (40 people a show, over say a 200 date tour is 8000 people!). Speaking to others who have been to similar meet and greets (this was my first) with other artists, they commented on how genuine Steve's felt, so kudos to you Steve.

So there you have it.
One of the most precious amazing days in my life. And no more signatures needed for me!
Ian Pateman
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What a fabulous show - best rock concert ever! I have converted my wife to be a Vai fan. I took my daughter (8 years old) and my wife. They loved it. The energy, humour and fun of the whole show shone through. Many thanks to the Vai team for treating us to such a fab night out. My daughter after a very busy day proved even rock music can relax you - she fell asleep for the last couple of tunes which, moving forward, does it mean I can turn my guitar up in the house when she is in bed on a school night? Any excuse to rock!!!!!

Keep Vaiing from the Pateman family
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I like his concert (sorry for bad english)
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Hi folks. Wow what a gig at the Palladium!
I was "Fitch" the guy from the audience that got to sing with Steve Vai on stage.
Did anyone happen to get any photos or a video ideally of that moment please?
Would be really amazing to have if possible please.
Thank you,
T bird
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Relax a bit. Seem Tense. Sounds Great However........Have a Beautiful, Wonderful Birthday!!!
T :D
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Was at the Palladium show with my son.4th time we have seen Steve.
Best sound yet so maybe the old Theater had a point to prove?
Message for Steve : Best we've heard you play For The Love Of God.
You really seemed to be at one with your guitar and played with amazing feeling.
As a musician I think I know that feeling when one is transformed into another dimension.
On occasions I cannot even remember playing a song until people remind me .
Are we not so lucky to be blessed with a talent?
Of course you are mountain away from my ability but it is the pleasure one gets from playing that is the real reason we do it.
Wanted to see you again in Brighton but couldn't make it.
How about one of your master classes in England?
Nearly went to Aspen (think you had one there if I remember correctly) but again not able to co-ordinate the time frames.
Love to hear back from you
Peace and Love
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Even though I posted about my attendance, I wanted to add as lots of shows have now passed.

One month on and I'm still getting so much joy from thinking about this gig - it really was amazing.
I wanted to talk about the videos. I thought they were a really great addition to the show - especially the timed pauses in "I would love to". Seeing Frank and the "Stevie's spanking" video pulled a heartstring - it was just lovely.

I really really loved this gig - I think it was my favourite ever. Not just because P&W has been in my ears for so long now, but because of the treat to hear & see the whole thing being played with such excellence. I'd never been to the London Palladium either, so that was an added bonus.

Live Vai is just the best. Thanks for sharing Steve. :D
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